adding more points to user define screen on MKV system


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obed opoku

i want to add more data point names on MKV. i know how to add them, but the problem is obtaining the actual data point names. for example i want add maximum bearing metal temp, gen cold/hot gas temps and max gen stator temps. i see them displayed on the screen but i can't find their tag name to add to my user defined screen.
You didn't tell us if the operator interface is an <I> or a GE Mark V HMI running MS-Windows and CIMPLICITY.

Do you know how to use the Dynamic Rung Display and/or do you have a printed copy of the CSP and the CSP Cross-Reference?

If you also told us what Frame size machine you are working on and what kind of generator (air-cooled; water-air cooled; or hydrogen-cooled) someone who has a similar unit may be able to help you with signal names close to the ones in use in your machine. Not all machines use the same signal names.