Adding new analog input to GE Mark IV.

Hi everybody;

I want to know the procedure of adding new analog input to the AIO module.

We want to add new signal (4-20 ma) of level transmitter for monitoring purpose only. But it is not clear to me from Mark IV manual how to do the job. How to configure this input and range and which tools we need for this.

Hope somebody can help.


One of the "features" of the Mark IV was that it was not very adaptable. While it's easy to assign a new discrete input to an unused contact input point or create a new relay output using an unused point, "adding" new analog inputs and scaling them in the field was virtually impossible.

Very late in the production life of the Mark IV there were some panels which had the ability to connect a milliamp input to an unused point and then to scale that input. And, to do so usually required access to a hidden display called "BA Options" which required a password which I don't recall any more.

So, I'm afraid the prospects are very dim for such an endeavour on a Mark IV Speedtronic panel.

Sorry; I wish the news was better. I don't even know how to tell you how to review the panel configuration to be able to provide us with the information to be able to tell you if the panel at your site is one of the ones which might be capable of adding a milliamp input to.