Adding or Changing Block Functions in MARK-Vie

How can one make changes to mark-6e block programs? How to incorporate new inputs and outputs to integrate mark-6e related parameters with other programs?

This may include changing existing functional block also after analyzing their implications.

If you want to change the functionality of standard blocks, then I guess it is not possible. The blocks work as they are supposed to work. You can just add new blocks and change the parameters of existing blocks. To add new block you need to use block diagram editor in ToolboxST. You can drag and drop the required block and change the parameters afterwards. If you provide information what do you want to change, that will be more helpful.

To incorporate new inputs/outputs you will have to use ToolboxST. Do you want to add digital or analog I/Os? You need to add variable name in Software tab. Then you will have to configure I/O in Hardware tab. You will have to look into all the columns provided to properly configure the I/O. You will have to change the I/Os to used and look for the types of alarms you want for the I/O and also look for the inversion Masks. You may need to check the hardware jumpers as well. If you provide more details, then it will be of more help.

Hope it will help.