Adding X terminal to Siemens PCS HMI


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In discussions with Siemens, they do not currently sell X terminals that hook up to PCS version 3.1.0B. Of course, they made the upgrade path impossible, so upgrading is not really an option. Siemens mentioned that folks are using PC's running Reflection X terminal software to act as X terminals. Installing this software onto a PC and getting it on the network is easy enough. What next. How does the X terminal know what to do? Is there some Siemens add on or licensing issues? Some kind of program on the X terminal machine that you have to run? Any help is appreciated Thanks Adam
Have you tried joining the Siemens' "User Connection"? This is a very good forum for interacting with other users.
Hi... An "X Terminal" is basically a dumb terminal with exceptional graphics capability. It does nothing by itself. It does however login to or connects to a "X Windows" server. Once connected to a server the terminal then shows you whatever process is running in that clients space on the server. Any functionality you need must be programmed into the server that the terminal connects to.

Richard Dewees

I am not familiar with the Siemens X-terminal environment but I have experience with X-terminals and what our next step was after installing Reflections was telnet to the x-windows server to define the PC as a terminal on the X-windows server then launching the X-windows session using commands on the X-windows server which I don't remember now but if you type help at the telnet prompt I am sure you could figure it out from there Rick Dewees

Blunier, Mark

> Installing this software onto a PC and getting it on the > network is easy > enough. What next. How does the X terminal know what to do? It depends on how it is set up. if it is using XDMCP, the you will get a login screen acts like you are logging onto the host server. If the X terminal is running as an independent X terminal, you will need to telnet to your Siemens system and export the display to your local X terminal. There are many different X solutions around or PCs. Hummingbird's Exceed and Graphons Go-Global (which is also an excellant thin client solution), are two I've used under NT. Of course the better solution is to use a Linux or BSD box. Mark Any opinions expressed in this message are not necessarily those of the company.

Ronald H. Nijssen

You need to have X terminal licenses for PCS from Siemens installed before the system will start multiple instances of the programs your X terminal needs at the Server side. Reflection their X terminal software will become an Application in your PC. In parallel you can operate other Windows applications. There are some settings in Reflection that will give you full screen etc. Playing with these settings explains them best Ronald