Addition of Positioner to the Control Loop.


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Moin Rehman

Hello! All the members of the mailing list. We have a Pressure Controller for Controlling the Discharge Pressure of 1000 hp Mainline Pumps. The Control Loop is defined through TI545 PLC, which keeps the Pressure to the required Setpoint. Now we want to add Positioner Signal to the Loop. So that the actual position of PCV can be monitored by operator in Control Room. Does any body knows the method to accomplish the required task. An early reply would be appreciated. Best Regards, Moin-Ur-Rehman. [email protected]
The word " positioner " is misleading. If the valve is for instance 'Fisher', then contact them. Unless I'm wrong, remote indication of the valve position does nothing for operators. You are concerned in maitaining the pressure at a set value. There is no relation between pressure and the valve position.
Use a pc with HMI software to display the discharge press. or you could use any display device that is 4-20ma and use the analog output of the ti545 scaled to the discharge pressure range.
Hi, Just an Indication of the Position in the control room, use suitable Position Transmitter and provide the dynamic display of the position on the HMI. If you plan to actuate control valve by pulse trains (OPEN and CLOSE Pulses)with Pulse Controller in PLC then logic changes are necessary in PLC,when introducing the Position Transmitter to the loop. BR /Girish