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Hi all,
I'm trying to insert a Siemens Touch panel TP170A into a profibus network of 15 slaves and a Siemens Master CP342-5.
I have configured the touch panel in Protool but cannot get the corresponding profibus address to that which I've configured in the hardware of the master station. I used the HMI TP170B/OP170 choice from the hardware catalogue to insert the touch panel as a slave on the network. Is this the correct GSD file as I cannot find a seperate one for the TP170A on "": ?
Hello Brian,

If you have installed the Step7 and the Protool software in the right way (integrated), then you can integrate your HMI-program in your Step7-project. (Menu: Insert->Station->Simatic OP Station). If you then open the OP-program you can set the communication parameters, where you connect your OP to a specific PLC-connection. You can assign any Profibus-address that you like. You
DO NOT have to insert the station in the hardware configurator, and you DON'T need the GSD-file. In fact, you will not even see the OP in your
hardwareconfigurator, it will only show in the network configurator.


Bob Korodi

Hakan Ozevin

You are right to be confused, because such a configuration may be cumbersome if there is a poor "master-like" device/HMI on the network. If I am wrong on some points of the following notes, please someone DO correct me:
1. There can be only one (Class 1) master on a DP network (CP342-5 in your case).
2. A TP170A cannot be slave on a DP network. It has to be a master (not a true master in fact, because you cannot configure the slaves on the TP).Let's call it "master-like".
3. The communication between the slaves and TP170A should be handled by the CP342-5 and S7 300 CPU.
4. You have to configure TP170A in Protool for S7-300/400, network profile:DP, maximum baudrate 1.5 MBit/secs (and the same baudrate for CP342-5 of course).
Give the address of the communication peer as the CP 342-5 Profibus address.
5. You will not configure TP170A in Step7. Step7 configures the slaves only.
6. The data that has to be sent to the slaves will be handled by CPU-CP342-5 communication.
7. Thus, altough it is written in the catalogue that TP170A can be connected to the Profibus DP, it does not mean that it DIRECTLY sends/receives data to/from slaves.
8. As another result, it may be better to connect TP170A to the MPI port of the CPU.