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I am having problem in installation of AdvaCommand. I have tried thousand times but failed. The 1st cd which is ABB restore cd contains oracle, exceed, mksnt already installed which works well for compaq system provided by contractor.

Now i try to install from scratch i.e install winnt 4.0, I.Exp, sp5 vga and Networking card driver then other software but it did not work. why? Has anyone tried Advacommand with win2000?

Are there any alternatives? thx
What sort of media are you trying to install the software from? Do you have the original AdvaCommand for NT install CD and manuals ? What errors are you getting?

If you are installing from an OEM restore disk, then these are hardware specific and will only work on the hardware platform they were built for. In any case if you own a license for ABB AdvaCommand products you should have been supplied with the correct installation media - use these disks and follow the manuals exactly. You cant skip steps or try to force your way past problems.

With Windows NT you will have serious compatibility problems trying to get the OS to run on different hardware platforms - most recent hardware will not have NT drivers available.

No, AdvaCommand for NT only works on NT4.0 and even then NT has to be set up in the correct way.

All AdvaCommand products are now classic and have only limited support from ABB. There is an upgrade path from AdvaCommand to 800xA, which includes a discount program and tools for conversion. We have performed several of these upgrades and can assist if you are interested.

Your prayers are answered -

It is quite easy to convert advacommand NT over to Advacommand for UNIX.

Contrary to other opinions, UNIX is alive and well. ou will have many more years of trouble free operation and support and save thousands in the process.

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Also, I have this problem. I do step by step Installation procedure (on Windows NT) according Advacommand documents, but after complete installation, it does not work properly. Should it be connected to MB300 network and LAN network for running?
> Should it be connected to MB300 network and LAN network for running?


Make sure the TCP/IP Lan is configured and connected <b>before</b> you install the AdvaCommand software.
if your pc is not connected to MB300 then the advacommand environment with your plant specific displays should appear after login in. however the values will be blank on display.