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Aswin Joseph

I'm having an old model of Bluestar-York Chiller relocated to my site which works on relay logic.

My requirement is to convert the complete system to a PLC or a modular control system from YORK since it uses YORK's components and system now, whichever is best. Another requirement is that i would like to integrate Advanced Process control into the system for higher efficiency.

I would like to know which all software/hardware i should deal with to implement APC. About the interfaces of the APC with a PLC, communication with a PLC, different APC systems and the like.

bob peterson

Just about any PLC will be able to control a chiller. Like with most simpl control applications, the biggest issue usually involves figuring out just how the thing has to work. If it is all relay logic now, that should be fairly easy to do.

I am generally opposed to proprietary control systems so probably would not select something that has a York label on it. But, depending on your needs, it might be a perfectly acceptable solution, and might end up being the most cost effective as well.

I would not get hung up on labels like APC or whatever other buzz word some company made up to make their solution sound better. The buzz words don't matter much.

In many cases there are simple communications packages built into these type of control systems so you can communicate with the rets of the plant. That might be quite workable for your situation.

I had done chiller package automation for a hotel a few years back using PLC with HMI.

We implemented chiller pump speed control with control technique drives!

Mail me the chiller package details, so that I can send you more info.

My mail id: [email protected]

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