Advant MB300 TCP/IP Interface


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I currently have ABB MP200/1 controllers on a masterbus 300 network. I would like to install a 3rd party "machine" to gather tag info for trending purposes. It would be much easier to look at the abb tag/variable names as opposed to sending to a I/O point as I do now.

I see on the Matricon site that they have MP200/1 drivers, but their chart shows AC400 series controllers connected to the masterbuss 300. Has anyone done this w/ MP200?
Novotek do a Masterbus MB300 interface. This is a direct connection onto the MB300. I believe the developers are ex-ABB people.

The Novotek MB3 I/O server computer appears as a node on the masterbus network.

Note that Matrikon and other third party OPC server generally use a GCOM interface to the Master Piece or Advant controllers. This means you need to add a comms card to every node you want to communicate with and configure it. GCOM works well, but is not very flexible. I would hesitate to use a Matrikon OPC server on an ABB MasterPiece system.



hi Rob

where can i find more info on GCOM card? i'm suspecting i'm using GCOM-based solution.

Osisoft recently installed a special module card to gather data from MB300.

so OPC solution from Novotek requires no GCOM card ??
I have the novotek manual on pi if you want a copy. Go off forum and email to: sales [at]
Novotek OPC does not use a RTA board to a MB300 connection. IT relies on a LAN connection to the MP200 with a tcpip communication card plugged into the PM150.

Correct, No RTA board is required in the OPC server. Note however that it communicates with a standard CS513 Masterbus board in the AC400 or a DSCS140 board in MP200 controllers using MB300 protocol. Hence the Novotek OPC server will fit directly onto an existing MB300 network.

(Masterbus MB300 is hardware compatible with standard ethernet, although it gets upset by routing hardware as the MB300 packets do not conform to the full TCP/IP standard.)