Advantages of Capacitance Level Transducer

Measuring fuel level with capacitance level transducer is the most effective method at present. If it measures different medium, can it also maintain high accuracy? In addition, can the capacitance level transducer with 316L SS measure all medium? Is there anyone can tell me which advantages of level transducer?

Hope you guys early reply, thanks!

You ask many questions about level measurement, and make many statements about them as well.

A good source for information about what types of level measurment work better for different applications and fluids is the sales and marketing people of the various suppliers you buy these sensors from. A reputable supplier will be very knowledgeable in the various applications of their wares--they will have worked with different companies and industries to identify and supply solutions to their measurement requirements and will also have worked with the sensor manufacturers to identify and even modify, in some cases, sensors for specific uses and applications.

Some suppliers and vendors are better than others--but you need to work with them to develop relationships and identify those that are most attentive to your needs and requirements and are willing to work with you and the manufacturers they represent to find the right solution(s) for your need(s). You can read data sheets and advertisements and marketing information to become familiar and to ask intelligent questions of the supplier and/or manufacturer but that's their job: to sell you a working solution for your application. The better they do their job, the more likely it is you will turn to them in the future with similar needs. And that's how good relationships with suppliers start--by working with them to identify possible solutions which you will then have to make an informed decision on. But, they, along with the manufacturers they represent can answer questions and make suggestions and help with identifying sensors and equipment which might be best for your needs. Let them do their job; be an engaged and inquisitive buyer or sourcing individual--but use them to identify and find solutions for your measurement level applications.

And, realize also, that many sensors are designed for specific fluids and applications and don't always work well for other fluids and applications. In today's world of specialization, that's especially true.

Best of luck--use your resources, including suppliers and manufacturers and vendors.