Advantech PCL-816


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Pablo M. Dotro

A company from here, Argentina, has requested me to replace a computer that they have in a production machine. The computer is a DEC PDP-11, and what it does is to measure the diameter of a nuclear fuel cilinder with a couple of ultrasound sensors, at a rate of 20 000 measures per second. So, they want a PC to do that job, and the engineer who works with them recommended me to use the PCL-816, because it has the speed and resolution (16 bits) needed for the job. The idea is to make a program which monitors and informs the user about what the sensors are showing. Here are the questions:
- Is it OK to use an MS Windows app for this? or Unix is a requeriment?

-What kind of PC do I need to handle that huge flow of data efficiently? I am not very experienced in Industrial Automation, I am a software programmer for PCs. I appreciate your help, this list is cool!