Advice on What an Power Plant Electrical Maintenance Engineer Be Doing


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plant power station. I would like good and experience engineers who has or is working in such capacity to orientate me what to do in or to excel brilliantly in this position.

I need things like

How do you plan your routine maintenance on motors, transformers, switch gear elements?
What and what do you normally check on routine basis?
How do you analysis any results from motor or transformer readings?
When you do preventive maintenance on which equipment?

I would appreciate a soft copy of any evidence to be sent to my email at [email protected]. Kindly shared with me any seminar or training materials that will make me a better electrical maintenance engineer.

2. for any one who might have heard this before, there is one organization from Singapore called salvo group who claim Ed to be doing five days seminar on advance electrical maintenance and advanced PLC troubleshooting with fault finding technique. please how relevant and beneficial will this just five days course be to me? I would like someone with experience and idea to kindly answer this.

Sorry for the many questions.