After effects of Converting An application from PL7 pro platform to Schnieder EcoStructureControl Expert

Hi,I am New to the automation industry, I converted PLC Application for a redrier Plant from PL7 Pro to EcoStructure Control Expert - Schnieder, But I have noteced two things;
- Under Sections we had "Drives" section of which they are Mapped to motors in the field but after the convesion to Control expert I noticed it has created another section Named "Drives91" also Another Section "PID_ loops" which has also created "PID_Loops145"
Question, is this ok or is there a way to normalize this to a single section?

And also the Second one is
- for temperature controls we have PID of which some ot them are not Controlling and on the HMIs Values showing 0.0

What can be the cause or is there any solution please assist?



according to the screenshots , the sections that you are referring too are "LD" sections types it means that there are ladder diagram program subroutines are included for a smooth operation..

Can you tell us what is make you think that there should not displayed as it is ...
Is there any nuisance to leave it like that ..

How about subroutine tests checks ..did you perform any AI/O or DI/O tests for that temperature for example ...

Any time