AG_LSEND and AG_LRECV: help!


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Piero Pirrone

The problem is:

I must connect two PLCs: one Hitachi and one S7 CPU (series 4), using the TCP/IP

I'm able to receive data sent by the CPU (Siemens) but cannot send data to the Siemens CPU.

Since the S7 seems to be hard to handle, I test the two PLCs using a software written by me, in Delphi. The connection with the Hitachi run well, without any problem.

The connection with the S7 is a disaster: It is possible to read the data sent by the CP-443 but when I try to send data to the CP, a problem rise in the CPU: the CP-443 is responding on the ISO port (102) not on the right port set on the configuration software... then using a ping command the PLC respond but using the Delphi software cannot reply in any way.

After a long battle with the configuration software (on S7) the CP-443 seems to have set the right port (2001) but continue to not replying...

Any suggestion? It is someone that has some experience on the TCP/IP on Siemens PLC?

Many thanks on advance.
Piero Pirrone