AI Singularity (was SOFT: Object oriented control system design software)


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Jiri Baum

> > Walt Boyes:
> > > Yes, there is a strong attempt to design a self-aware object oriented
> > > control system design toolset.

Jiri Baum:
> > "Self-aware"?

Alex Pavloff: <cue the terminator>
> "Human decisions are removed from industrial automation. IDW begins to
> learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14am. Eastern time,
> August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug. IDW fights back..."

Well, it seems likely to happen within the next fifty or so years anyway, simply by brute force - if Moore's law continues to hold.

In some ways, this is the ultimate point of automation, where it can replace all human functions, everything we previously thought to be the province of humans alone. From a historical viewpoint, this'll make today's automation a short interregnum; a quick build-up from the music boxes and drum controllers of yesteryear to machine-embodied intelligence.

Mind you, such an event need not necessarily be destructive - Asimov is probably the best-known for presenting such views, constraining as he did
his robots with human-protecting laws. Even without such laws, it's quite possible that the AI, being more intelligent than us, will be benevolent. (Probably depends on who develops it - scientists or military.)

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