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Bill Sturm

I need to buy a fresh copy of programming software for a SLC500. I was planning to buy RSLogix500, but the customer frequently uses
AI software.

I am very familiar with AI, but not so with RSLogix. Can I export programs that can be opened with AI, including documentation? I
understand that I need to stay with 15 char symbols...

What do most of you use? Is AI still viable?


Bill Sturm

Joe Bouchard

> What do most of you use? Is AI still viable?

I still use AI series, but all the kids around me who like windows are pushing me to RSLogix. I will probably give in soon.

Joe Bouchard

I have extensively used both AI and RSLogix.

You can open AI files with NO export or conversion with RSLogix. When you "Open File" just choose file extension "*.RSS,*.ACH,*.SLC".
*.ACH is the old AI extension. You could also choose to restore old AI backups (*.IB1 files).

Just like AI though, if you don't have the symbol files, or comment files, (e.g. you just read from SLC) there will not be comments or symbols. I personally have found RSLogix to be much easier to use, (Once used to it) and the only feature of AI that I miss is the file compare. I love the report generator too, it's GREAT for As-builts. I hear that the file
compare is availiable in the latest version. Just not the version I have. Go figure.

Hope this helps,
Joe Buote
Can I export programs that can be opened with AI, including documentation? YES BE AWARE THAT THE

I understand that I need to stay with 15 char symbols. YES

What do most of you use? I USE BOTH EXTENSIVELY

Anthony Kerstens

I'm currently using 3.01..., please correct me if 4.x had any changes.

Export, yes. Save as "ach".

Documentation, yes, but not without problems. In RSLogix, in the tools menu under options, there is a setting for descriptor length.
if you set it to 15, then save and close, and you can open it again and the whole descriptor will be there, even in the report preview.
But as soon you edit it, export it to a csv, or save as "ach", it truncates the end of the descriptor taking word wrap into account.

For example this (with added junk to fill out the lines):
xx TO xx adsf adsf
asdf asdf adsf adsf
COUNTER adsf adsf as
ACCUMULATE asdf asdf

becomes this upon export or descriptor edit:
xx TO xx adsf adsf
asdf asdf adsf adsf

What I do export the database to a CSV, bring the whole mess into a spreadsheet, concatenate the 5 rows x 20 chars into one string with added spaces between each, then use a another spreadsheet I developed to parse the string into 5 rows x 15 chars.

It's tedious. But if you don't care about having the end of your descriptors chopped, you could probably do something less tedious :).

AI is still available, but go with RSLogix. I'm a DOS hack, and even though I was previously used to AI/6200, I'm converted.

Anthony Kerstens

Bouchard, James [CPCCA]

We are still using AI in part of our plant but all new copies are RSLogix. A while ago they had a special price for a trade in which may still be available. The program comparison features in AI are still the best ones around.

James Bouchard
We use both the AI and RSLogix (both PLC-5 and SLC) and you can convert the older version into the new. You can even save a PLC-5 program back to .X5 version if you want.

Having said that, I really don't expect the AI version to be updated for new modules, hardware, etc. Rockwell is putting most of their efforts into Windows interface products. So if I had to choose, even though the AI requires much less horsepower to run successfully (and I personally still like it better), I'd have to recommend the RSLogix product for future capability.

Russ Kinner
AVCA Corporation
Maumee, OH USA
I had just noticed that the subject line of my original post is worded backwards. Some of you caught it and answered correctly, but some others
misread my question.

To clarify, I need to export logic and documentation from the current version of RSLogix to AI. I do not want to purchase AI, but the customer still needs to use AI on their older laptop computers.

Bill Sturm

Anthony Kerstens

Can you blame Rockwell for trying to get rid of AI. However, are you sure Micrologix is unsupported in AI? I've been to a plant that had Micrologix processors and used AI software.

I didn't' actually see anyone work with them, but I can't imagine them having the processors without a way to get into them. But, if you're right, then they're taking an inadvisable risk.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Anthony Kerstens

Well, that just sucks. But then again, the analogy carries that there are PC programs that won't run on DOS or Win 3.1. I guess in order to take part in progress, you have to spend your profits from the last innovations on the new

An interesting page to book mark though.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
Hi Bill,

I have used both packages. For documentation purposes you can't beat RSLogix. However, for troubleshooting you can't beat AI. Because of the resources needed to run RSlogix under windows, you can't see gates turn on and off in real time. In order to troubleshoot problems you have to install traps. Their will be no more upgrades to AI, but most of the integrators I have spoken to still use AI. Hope this helps, Joe
Other than a handful of times, I have had no trouble watching gates switch in real time with RSLogix. Are you doing high speed work of some kind? I have seen the data table able to show faster refresh than the ladder rungs for fast signals.

The big difference is that the more ladders you have open in RSLogix, the slower the response gets. Open only the ladder you're looking at and the response should be OK. As you open more ladders you can see the little revolving icon slow down. Always an excuse to buy a faster computer! ;^)

Ed M.
Speaking for me, not for Starbucks. . .
Yes you can save a RSLogix SLC500 software version back to a AI series version.

In RSLogix do a SAVE AS TYPE ACH. Then under TOOLS/DATABASE do a ASCII EXPORT and choose the AI tab (this will make 2x files, 1 w/EAS & 1 w/ERP extentions)

Then open AI series software and from the main menu select F5 Utility Options then F5 again to do a Import Data Base. First import F1 (descr and symbols - which is file .EAS file) then F2 (rung descr - which is .ERP file)