AIFH Control

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Air Inlet Filter house is installed in Gas Turbine units to filter the inlet air.

The differential pressure across the filters is monitored continuously and an alarm and Trip is generated based on these readings thru MARK VIe.

There is a whole lot of mechanism to continuously clean the filters as well. That is achieved thru SOV Pulse mechanism. A sequencer card gives pulse signal to SOVs and a vibration is generated in the filter lines which sort of shakes the filters and dust them...!!!

Now, my question is, couldn't this sequencer card and PDILSH switch be done away with entirely and take the entire control in MARK VIe. I mean, why is there a need to maintain a separate control panel for this when MARK VIe is capable of handling entire GT as well as boiler.

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Absolutely it's possible. The Mark VIe is field-expandable.

Most inlet filter house manufacturers want to supply the controls for their equipment if for no other reason than warranty issues. Understandable.

But, if you (or ownership) owns the machine, the sky is the limit--as long as you are willing to take ownership of any issues caused by the relocation of I/O and controls functions to the Mark VIe. And you have enough money for the I/O modules to accommodate the I/O for the inlet filter house. And you have the expertise to do the I/O configuration and write the necessary application code. Paying GE to do all that would be pretty expensive. Note if you don't have enough ports available in the IONET switches, you may have to buy additional I/O net switches, also!

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Hello CSA Sir,

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply...

Yes I will definately get back to you on how we finally implemented.