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May I ask if any of your air filter bank structure is sealed with silicone sealant between the filter holder (which houses the filter) and and filter structure?

This was one of the proposed methods by a contractor company that I'm dealing with to ensure that there is no leaks going through the metal joints of the holder and the structure itself.

Meaning that the air that is being sucked in is only going through the pre and final filters in the air filter house.

So i want to ask is whether this is one of the normal procedures done on every air filter house.

Any feedbacks would be great!

The air inlet filter house manufacturer specifies how the seams are to be sealed. Lately, it's just been stitch welding (a series of welds of approximately 25-40 mm, with a similar or slightly longer distance between them along the metal seams). If the metal is sufficiently rigid (and the manufacturer should be able to determine that) then that's all that's been necessary. Some people do use caulking on the outside, especially if there can be heavy rains.

But, there should be some detailed assembly instructions from the manufacturer about how to assemble the structure and prevent dirt/water from entering through seams.

In our air filter structure, we use those silicone sealant. We inspect them every Major Overhaul (every 6 years). On the first 6 years, there is no silicone sealant issue, but on the second 6 years (12 years operation), we found some of them need to be renewed since there are leakage on the joint area. We found that one during internal air filter structure inspection and the location are on the top of the structure.

In the manual, it was stated that we need to inspect and renew every 6 years, but it depend on the climate on that location (I think). For your information, our power plants are in tropical area with ambient temp range is about 70-98 Deg F.

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Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it. The power plant that i'm currently working in is also under a tropical climate. However, the manufacturer did not state any requirement as to seal the joints with silicone sealant hence why i was curious. The manufacturer to my air filter house was from Donaldson (i think).