Air Intake Filter High Differential Pressure


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We have GE 9E gas turbines without self cleaning system for the air intake filters.

Due to dust and contamination in the atmosphere, the differential pressure increased reach to trip limitation so we have to stop the unit to replace or clean the filters. It has happened in short period about every month. Is there any way to optimize or extend the life time of these filters?

Thanks for your help
Can we get a bit more info. on your location? What is your major cause of contamination, can you do anything about it? To be honest, if this is as bad as you say, commercially this has got to be the best case to think about retro-fitting self cleaning filters. A days down time on a Frame 9 every month is a big loss.
Our power plant located nearby desert which sand and sometimes dust storms. Already GE offer to make modification by install self cleaning system, but the cost is very huge, so we try to find method to extend the time of change these filters.

Thanx sir
To be honest, I don't think that there is much that you can do about it, you have the wrong filter system for your environmental conditions.

Why don't you try someone other than GE to do a retrofit for you, GE are always very expensive.