Hello everyone, this is my first interaction. I work with the 9E GE unit, in the last two months it emits an alarm “G2.L30CSHB_Q_ALM: CONTROLLER HEARTBEAT STOPPED” by the R controller which after 10 minutes goes back to normal, for that reason we turn off the unit and are waiting for the intervention of the technicians from GE.
while we wait for the GE technicians, we proceeded to wash the compressor, after finished of the Water Wash, it returned to issue the same alarm, and this time it remained until we disconnected and then connected the network cable of the
controller ENET1 port, the alarm disappeared. Unit started up to FSNL and stopped after 30 minutes (drying job after Water Wash), so far it is still normal.

Now my question is, what is the real problem? Is there any concern in running the unit in this condition?

Thank you for your attention.

Looks like the G2.L30CSHB_Q_ALM: CONTROLLER HEARTBEAT is displayed when one of the three Controller (R/S/T) is not online according to the app code taht i got.

Is that the case ...I mean is that R controller is not "online"...
I advise you to check the behavior of the CONTROLLER MONITOR BLOCK in the APP CODE at your site...

There is an input called ONLINE FL TMR check what is the adjusted value ...

Other wise better troubleshoot why you get that Alarm befor to get the unit online as you may run this unit as DUPLEX NOT TMR controllers mode..

It might be some firmware issue or Hardware issue or just a temporary issue which can bet reset by a simple power cycle.
Would recommend to create a ER support ticket with GE to avoid further complications. They have more knowledgeable persons.