Alarm Date and Time Difference in Mark6 HMI


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Recently have noticied that when an alarm is updating date and time are different than the HMi time. this is running with Mark6 Gas turbine control without any master clock connected. Just want to know how to bring back this to the original HMI time.

Each Mark VI UCVx processor has it's own internal clock, and when synchronized to each other (in a TMR control panel) they all use the same time for determining scan rates and alarms and events and such. And when the designated processor (usually <R>) broadcasts and alarm onto the UDH (Unit Data Highway) it does so with the control panel's time/date stamp--which is what should happen. All alarm/event time/date stamps SHOULD match the controller time where the alarms/events occur--not the HMI time where the alarm/event is displayed.

HMIs have their own clock(s)--yes, that can be plural, as in multiple clocks on on HMI. There can be the PC BIOS clock; there can be the OS (Operating System) clock; there can be application clocks (as in different applications (they used to be called programs) can each have their own clock)--and believe it or not they can all be different. But, when a PC is being used as an HMI for a control system the time/date of control system alarm/events should always be the time/date of the control system where the alarm/event was detected.

If the site does not have a time master/time synchronization feature that sends out a master time signal to all control systems and HMIs to synchronize the clocks to one master time (and date), then it's very possible for the various clocks to drift apart from each other over time. Some more than others.

You can use the 'Help' feature of Toolbox to learn how to set the Time/Date of the Mark VI control system, but it's usually as simple as opening Toolbox, connecting to the designated controller, clicking on Device | Download | View/Set Time and following the prompts to copy the HMI time to the Mark VI controller. (It seems to vary somewhat depending on the vintage of Mark VI, the UCVx, and Toolbox, but it's pretty similar for most Mark VI control systems.)

This copies--I believe--the OS time (MS-Windows) time to the Mark VI controller(s). (Hey--the time in the Mark VI has to come from somewhere, right?)

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, this worked out, now all the alarms are updating with latest time and date.