Alarm from Key phasor


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Dear Sir,

During compressor start up time, we are receiving lot of alarm from key phasor.
alarm "Not ok".

We collected "Alarm Events" from Bently Nevada 3500. we identified the "Not ok" Alarm.

After start-up no alarm.

Why during startup only receiving this alarm?.
Please clarify this issue.

one more thing, how to check keyphasor in "Online"
please note that air gap adjustment may not correct, because while starting problem may be touching gear teeth. air gaps should set correctly between probe and notch of gear teeth.
This kind of alarms appear during start up of compressors and some time initial torque and the vibrations monitoring probes having wrong reading or the probe is not well fitted or its gap voltage is not ok. mant matters observed regarding start up.
The reason you have an alarm during start is due to the absence of the correct frequency pulse resulting from not having yet reached the "normal" run speed. When normal run speed is achieved, the alarm clears and subsequently will return after shutdown of the applicable equipment.