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Pradipta Mukherjee

To introduce myself, I am Pradipta Mukherjee, Sr Manager - Building Automation, working for Vipul LaingO'Roureke Pvt Ltd and am based out of India.

Our company is into remote facility management. We monitor, control, provide advisory services, energy management and system performance analysis of Buildings across the globe from India. We use a building management tool which is web based and our monitoring and control is
real time.

We are also into alarm management of system (electro mechanical systems) parameters. However we are not satisfied with the alarm management software and are in the process of replacing it with a better one. I am in search of an alarm management system that can integrate to any existing real time monitoring systems, like building automation systems and can talk to SQL database. We will define the alarm related figures on the software once it starts fetching data from our existing database.

I am already using a product which has an in built alarm management system. However the alarm management part of it is not so user friendly and stable. Generally the building automation systems come with their own alarm management systems that are proprietary. I want an alarm management system only in the lines of Building automation systems that can interact with my sql database and provide me a detailed management system.

I would like to know whether such a product is available in the market and if so what the contact details are.

Your early reply will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Pradipta Mukherjee
Hello Mr. Mukherjee;
I used to work for a company that provides exactly what you are describing. The company is called Machine Automation and have a web address in the .ORG domain. The product is called AlarmAnalyst.

Best regards.

Subhrendu Malakar

We at PAS have a comprehensive Alarm Management solution. It would be good if we can talk to each other. Please let me have your contact details in order to call you.

Best regards,
Subhrendu Malakar
Business Development Manager
office: +973 17 693975
mobile: +973 39963370
email: [email protected]

Gustavo A. Valero P.

Hi Pradipta,
By reading your post I colud advise you to use FactoryLink with no problem.

Although FL is more than an Alarm Management Software and could be used 10-20% of its capacity, its Alarm task is powerfull and flexible enough to fit with our requirements.

The FL's task is able to do the following:

1) To work and log its data into several database such as MS SQL Server, Orace, Sybase, dBase IV or any other able to support ODBC. By default is SQL Server but the final choice is your!

2) Any alarm (or tag) can have several (unlimited if you want) conditions or limits with different alarm messages.

3) You can group and order them by area or group and hide/disable them individually or by group using a tag in run-time.

4) FL logs like any other SCADA software all info about alarms you are going to need (Initial Time, Normal Time, Ack Time, Operator, Duration, Station/Node, etc).

5) Support yo send alarms via email with Ack request.

6) OPC Alarm Server.

There are many options available but I will have to know your problem very well to give a better idea of its use with yor system.

Of couse, you will have to work with FL's conditions in order to have what you want, eg., you will need to connect your system with FL via OPC and use OPC items as alarm tags to have FL as your Alarm Management Software.

There are other conditions and ways to get it but we will have to talk and share some info to know better your scenario/system.

I hope it helps.


Gustavo A. Valero P.
BIConsulting C.A.
Valencia - Venezuela
[email protected]

Jeremy Pollard - I am reviewing this product for Manufacturing Automation ..
so far it looks good ..

Also AlarmWorx but only if you are using OPC.. (Iconics)

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian! www[.]

Control Design www[.]
Manufacturing Automation www[.]

PLCopen North America - [email protected]

Subhrendu Malakar

Dear Mr. Mukherjee,

If you are looking into a complete alarm management solution, then I understand that PAS has a comprehensive solution. You can check their
website and can contact them.

Best regards,

Subhrendu Malakar

jitesh gopinath

to whomsoever it may concern,

We are a firm called SAP control systems located at nagpur. We can provide you with the solution to your problem. we deal in alarm management software for display, monitoring and analysis of process alarms. my phone num is 09860529495. you may contact me any time for the same.

expecting a call,
jitesh gopinath
SAP contol systems Nagpur
You may have a look at http:\\ . U.C.ME-OPC is an alarm notification and analysis software. It can connect to any OPC or DDE server, or to ant SCADA/HMI software that supports OPC or DDE server functionality.

Alarms may be sent via SMS, Email, Phone(Voice), Fax, WAP and Multimedia. You may acknowledge alarms using your cell phone and change or query tag values using SMS.

this looks like a very old post but a very interesting topic.

Alarm management is very important to running a process plant in a safe manner.

Software to EEMUA 191 Guidelines
A properly managed alarm system is now a critical, integral part of any production or process manufacturing facility. Since its establishment in 1991, EEMUA 191 has become the globally accepted standard for good practise alarm management. ProcessVueTM reporting is based on EEMUA 191 guidelines.

To establish an alarm management system based on these guidelines or to ascertain if a current system is operating effectively and within the guidelines, alarm data must be collected and analysed on a continuous basis. Just collecting this data can be a challenge in itself. Bringing this data into a usable format for control room operators and reporting on this data to Alarm Managers are two critical functions.

Your welcome to review at

Best Regards
Tim Ricketts