Alarm Repeats Under CIMPLICITY v4.01


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Stew Morris

Has anyone out there managed to successfully configure a CIMPLICITY alarm to repeat to Alarm Viewers and/or Sound Manager after 'n' minutes.
Whichever way I try fails.

The Alarm Repeat feature is used to Repeat the alarm to an Alarm Printer. In more recent versions of the software the field has been renamed "Printer Repeat" to avoid confusion.
Aha !

Maybe usefully though to change it in future releases (5.5?) to as it appears in the old documentation. The reason I say this is because we needed to delay the bringing on of certain alarms & then repeat them using Sound Manager every few minutes. This just to let the guys know a fault still existed.

Thanks Pete.



5.5 has shipped already. There's a lot of nice stuff in the new release. I'd recommend getting a demo copy and taking a look at the classes, objects and XML support.

I'll have one of my guys take a look at the Alarm Repeat issue for 6.0 as we're doing some other work on the Alarm Sound Manager. I understand why you want it to do that and it sounds like a useful feature. We like putting useful features in!

Thanks for the input.

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