Alarm sorting in Moniter Pro 7.6 Alarm Viewer


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Sinan Hiasat

I want to sort alarms in the alarm viewer first by priority, and then by initial time (descending order). I did that by giving the most prior alarms the biggest priority number and then selecting the 'sorting down' option and it worked.

The problem is that the system is a redundant one with alarm list persistence, and when a server switch occurs, the new alarms (occurring after the switch) are placed in the alarm list below the old ones (as if the alarms calculated by the new server has a lower priority number than the ones calculated by the retired one). What actually causes this to happen, and what can be done to go around it!

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Gustavo A. Valero P.

Hi, a little late but...

Some questions:

a) Have you ever tried to use ActiveX's "Sorting/Filtering" feature to do it instead?

b) In addition, what do you mean with "alarm list persistence"?

c) Are you using Monitor Pro's redundancy task (VRN) along with Distributed Alarm Server task?

Many strange things regarding alarms visualization at client side were solved by using VRN task.

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