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Kirill Rumyantsev

I am looking for anything about EBERLE PLC. I have PLS514 PLC without any documentation and programming software. Maybe somebody can help me?
hi there,

as you know eberle as such is no longer in existance since they where bought out by GE Fanuc. You can contact Fanuc and i am sure that they can still supply you with a manual. There are 2 software packages available which are EDOPS2 and EDOPS2 plus which require a dongle or a password, a special cable is also necessary.

if there is any further info that you please contact me. i used to work with eberle frequently in the past and still do since some of our older machines are still equipped with their PLCs.

Eduardo Rodriguez Alvarez E.E.


I have the same problem that has Mr. Kirill Rumyantsev. Mainly I need to know HW resources as Program Memory and RAM Memory in order to decide a PLC to replace the PLS 514.

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Eduardo Rodríguez Alvarez E.E.
Automation Department
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I have some old machines (30+ years) with Eberle PLS 514. I have O43 online module. What is the procedure to (can I) connect this Eberle to Siemens PG (where I have bootable win 98 with edops) to go online and check some things?

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