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Check this link out:
Has anybody tryed this? If it works so well than forget about all advanced process control except model based?(if you have the model)
Can you afford a model if you are a small system integrator? Or you make the company you automate pay for it?

Anyone else remember the "miracle" promised by "Expert Systems" back in the 1980's?

The biggest problem with model-based control is they run as "garbage-in-garbage-out" - if your model is incorrect or was correct but the physical system changes, you get garbage control. No doubt any "miricle" stores on any vendors web-site involved careful attention of the vendor's model experts - likely THEY even developed the model with the customer. So it's not just the cost of an initial model, it's also having the in-house (or continued out-sourced) expertese to confirm the model still matches as
parts of the production system and material suppliers changes over time. A re-evaluation every 6 months seems required.

Could a small integrator develop a model? Likely not - it would be a lot like developing an "Expert System" - the process is mechanical, but the actual "knowledge" is what makes or breaks it. I can imagine coming into a big company, being paid to create a model, having some paper-pusher tell over-worked Clever-Joe-Engineer to help explain EVERYTHING to me, and getting only 20-30% of what I need explained - plus another 5-10% of wishful thinking (ie: this is how it SHOULD be but isn't).

I'd say unless a small integrator did one or two types of systems only (one or two models), this would be a serious black-hole of effort.

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Doubt it - based on the webpage, it sounds more like a minor, badly-thought-through feedback program that's being trumpeted well beyond its actual capability, if any.

Their reluctance to reveal the algorithm on the basis that it's "too complicated" leads one to believe that in fact it is either too primitive or too klugey.

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