Allen Bradley 1746-BAS module


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suresh babu

We have connected a MOBBA weigher serial port to 1746-BAS module in SLC5/04 system. The serial communication interrupts frequently and restored only by power cycling the entire rack. What could be the problem and solution??


Bob Peterson

If I had to guess, I would guess that the BASIC program has an error in it that occassionally manifests itself by stopping running. I would suggest putting a terminal on the console port so that the next time it does this, the error message will be printed out so you can fix the bug in your code.

I seem to recall you can also trap the errors and have it go to an error routine rather than stopping. And I also seem to recall that there are functiosn to tell you what the error was and where it occurred.

read the manual.
Yes i also think that there is some runtime error such as divide by zero etc. You need to set the JUMPER J4 for making port 1 programming port and use hyperterminal to dubug the program.
Refer BAS manual for reading the program.