Allen Bradley 1784-CP14 Cable Pinouts


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I am after Pinout info for a 1784-CP14 cable. It is to connect a a KTX card to SLC503. Can't find info in online manuals. Can any one help.
<P>I have looked at the document on the knowledge base. but I still dont know how to connect the resistors.</P>

<P>I am connecting my 1784-ktx directly to slc5/03
<P>Do i put a 150 ohm at both ends ? & betwean which terminals</P>

<P>Is the RJ 45 conection numbers from the top down ?</P>

<P>My connection is as follows</P>
6 pin phoenix on 1784-ktx slc5/03 RJ 45 8 pin
1 chassis gnd ( also screen) 7
2 shield 6

4 DH485 A 1
5 DH 485 B 2

<P>Is this connect </P>

<P>Thanks a lot </P>