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Bernard Ward

I would like to know does profibus work on Allen Bradley SLC503. I am trying to control a Festo remote Pneumatic valve block. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated
Yes, I have used an SST card and Siemens COM Profibus configuration software to configure the card and network.

Peter Nachtwey

First you need a SST-PFB-SLC card from SST see

The SST-PFB-SLC is a Profibus DP master. You can have upto 32 words of Inputs, 32 words of outputs and the rest of the I/O must be mapped into M0 and M1 which isn't fast so don't use unless you must.

The PLC program just reads the inputs and outputs of the SST-PFB-SLC card just like any other I/O. To make accessing M memory faster you should keep a image of the M0 and M1 files in a N files so all thet data can be copied at once. As state earlier, accessing M files is not fast.

There is a demo SLC program using the SST-PFB-SLC to control a motion controller at

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Mohamed Sakr

Yes AB SLC works with profibus, you can use SSTech modules to connect SLC Processor to profibus network even Master/ Slave

Here is there web address

Mohamed Sakr