Allen-Bradley DF1 Full Duplex Using MDS 9710

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Materano, Levyn

Can I use the Radio MDS 9710 to implement Allen-Bradley DF1 Full-Duplex Communication?

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To the best of my knowledge all MDS modems must talk Half-Duplex Master or Slave to AB. If you are looking at the SLC & micrologix line - remember you have to have a SLC 5/03 or higher on the network to act as a master.

M. Harisman - Integra Teknik

MDS 9710 is a Half-Duplex type, therefore you can not use it for Full-Duplex communication - unless you use two (2) units MDS 9710 radio together with a proper "combiner" on each site.

If you still would like to implement full-duplex communication with ready to use Radio, then you could use MDS 9790 (no need to be redundant) on the both side.

Or, you could use DF1 Half-Duplex in case your Radio at the one end is single MDS 9710 unit.

M. Harisman