Allen Bradley Ethernet IP / Serial Question


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I am designing a system that has a Micrologix 1400, a SLC 5/05 Processor, a PC running RSView 32, A Panelview 600e, all connected via ethernet. Then on the 2 serial ports on the ML1400 I am listening to two separate devices gathering data for display on the PC running RSView and the PV600.

The SLC is an existing system currently using a 5/04, but we will be upgrading it to a 5/05 for the Ethernet capability. I am not sure if the 1400 will work with the 5/05 and HMIs.

Fist question: Will this even work?
Second question: Should I use a managed switch?

Any help would be appreciated.

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bob peterson

The micrologix units should not have any trouble communicating with the 5/05 or the HMI over Ethernet.

I would not use a managed switch for a local network like this. No reason that I can see to spend the money.