Allen-Bradley Ethernet to Fanuc CNC


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I have been trying for the last couple of weeks to figure out how to pass an offset to a fanuc CNC controller. I don't have the CNC at my shop so really I have just been reading over PDF's I have found online. All of which pertain to a specific task instead of just a generic method of communication. I simply want to send some data over and let the CNC guy take care of his end.

Has anyone had experience with this and/or can offer some help?


Patrick Lansdorf

I think that you need to inform about what options that are available on the Fanuc CNC.

I guess that the Allen-Bradley is using EtherNet/IP..

//Patrick L
Yes I'm sorry. The CNC and the PLC both are using Ethernet/IP. I have only ever used Ethernet/IP to communicate between two PLCs. Networking is by far not my expertise.