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I am new to Factory Talk and have come across an issue that I could use some guidance from an AB Guru. In most of the modern DCS systems that I am experienced in, when viewing the HMI graphics, for example a control valve graphic, I can select the graphic, right click and select a link the will take me to the logic diagram where the referenced point(s) in the HMI graphics, PV MV TV etc resides. Very helpful when troubleshooting.

Can this same function be added to graphics that are built in Factory Talk? The PLC that Factory Talk refers to is the Logix 5000 hardware.

Thank you for your time.
We have a PLC Logic viewer .NET class that may work for you. It is not yet been put on our web site, but I can e-mail you documentation for it. This will allow you to view the PLC logic from the PLC logic file based on a run that you can select when you click/rt-click on an object in HMI.

We have not tried it with FTview but with some other .NET containers.
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Thank you.