Allen Bradley Logix 500 to Siemens S7 program converter


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Dear All,

I have a Allen Bradley program designed in Logix 500 with SLC5/04 based hardware. Now we have a new client asking for Siemens PLC for the same project.

Is it possible to convert the allen bradley PLC program to Siemens compatible program? ( *.rss to *.mpw i think)

Is such type of software available? Please let me know.



Daniel Chartier

Hello Vinnit;

The only type of conversion possible between those (or any, actually)programs is a good, esperienced programmer, with knowledge of both platforms, understanding of the process and access to both programming softwares (in this case, RSlogix 500 and Step 7). A direct translation, if possible, would not optimize the SLC program on the S7 PLC, ans would not maximize its capabilities.

I recmmend you use am integrator for the first project, it will be more costly perhaps, but much faster and complete than an in-house sharp-learning-curve development.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
I think there is no such software used for convert Logix500 to S7. You may have to find a integrator to manual translate your PLC program from Logix500 to S7.

We may help you.

Good luck
Yes it exists, but in experimental stage
Send me *.scl file to popkowicz(at)wp(dot)pl, and I translate it to step7 *.awl