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My company owns some asphaltic plants. One of them is equipped with WEG's Soft-Starters and Frequency Inverters. They are connected by MODBUS/RTU.
I want to interface that network with our AB SLC 500 5/03.

My question is:
Is there any way to do that? Which products or devices should I need?

Thanks a lot.

You can have a Prosoft 3150 MCM module installed in the SLC rack. It is a programmable commonly used for A-B PLCs to interface with Modbus devices.
Check out the "Prosoft" module, these slot into AB racks and have AB approval.
I just used one and it seems to have lots of features including a sample program to get you started. The one I have has 2 ports that can be RS-232, 422 or 485 Master or Slave.

Prosoft is an Allen Bradley 'partner', specializing in communications modules.

Naviogate from their home web page navigation bar on the left to
products > for Rockwell Automation > platform > SLC > scroll down to either
Modbus RTU/ASCII Master/Slave Communication Module MVI46-MCM, or

Modbus TCP/IP Client/Server Communication Module MVI46-MNET


Eddie Willers

The most common and straightforward way to interface A-B controllers and Modbus network devices is chassis-mounted modules from Prosoft.

You want the MVI46-MCM module for Modbus RTU over serial links.
It seems you are right!

This product is what I need. I'll get in touch with ProSoft.

Thanks a lot.