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I have an Allen Bradley PanelView 550; the cat # is 2711-K5A2 ser E. Also I have a laptop with the communication card, cat # 1784-PCMK/B. In my laptop I have installed the PanelBuilder 32 software with the RSlinx revision 2.31.00. Also I'm using communication cable cat # 1784-pcm4/B. One side is connected to the PCMK card on my laptop and the other side is connected to RJ45 DH485 port of the PanelView.

My question is: Is it possible with this setup to establish a communication between my laptop and the PanelView (Down loading/Up loading program)?

If the answer is YES, which driver I should I select from the list "Available Driver Types:" in the RSlinx and its associated configuration parameters?
The 2711-K5A2 DH485 port gets 24V from the PLC to run its port. I don't know if the PCMK card supplies 24V but probably like the PIC
it does not. I simply made a PIC extension cable using a RJ45 socket and RJ45 male and brought out the 24V lines from the male so I could power up the PV550 port without using a SLC-500 CPU to provide power.

I guess the assumption is that you will always have the PV550 hooked up to the SLC500.

Bob Peterson

This is an ancient setup and I am not 100% sure but I don't think you can hook up directly like this. if the engineer was smart, he added a Net-AIC device to make hooking up simpler.

if the SLC is a SLC5/03 I think you can use the serial port on the SLC in passthru mode to download to the panelview, but it has been a very long time since I have seen a configuration like this so I don't recall for sure.

It seems to me that I recall that this series of products was enough of a nuisance in DH485 mode that I generally used a compact flash card of some sort to xfer runtime files.


David Wilson

> I guess the assumption is that you will always have the
> PV550 hooked up to the SLC500.

I have had better luck using PLC Passthrough with these little PVs rather than the direct connection.
Thanks guys for your answers.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that, the PanelView is connected to SLC5/03 through the DH485 interface plug (AMP connector) and my PC connected to RJ-45 connector of the PV. With this setup I could communicate with the SLC, I could download/upload, modify RSlogic500 program. My concern is I want to use the same setup to program the PanelView using the PanelBuilder32 software. I want to modify the graphics on the panel view, but I don't know which driver I should select in Rslinx to establish a communication between my PC and the PanelView.