Allen-Bradley PLC and VB Communication


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Hey Guys, I'm looking for a serial port interface/communication for a VB program. I would like to read the data coming from the serial port of an Allen-Bradley (PLC Programming). Thanks Sridhar Mandala

Skye Controls

I have developed an Active-X compoent to do this or you could create one yourself, download Ab pub# 1770-6.5.16, and read it over it shows both DH, and DF1 protocals, we have developed our own as well. I think with some effort you could probably do it yourself....Rick

Peter Veselosvky, konnexis

I have developed an ADO Data Source that can read and write information from AB PLC via DF/1 protocol. The data source can be dropped to your application as an Active X control. Data can be simply bound to a text box. All updates are done via OLE DB. Very little programming in VB is required. Configuration of data (memory locations, limits, etc) is via an excel spread sheet (primitive but effective). Peter Veselovsky, P.Eng [email protected] Dunrobin, Ontario