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Rashad Alkakali

I have a work experience of Simatic-S5 PLC and now i need to know more about Allen Bradly PLC specially the programming package and possibilty of buying a small system for practical. please if you have an answer to this let me know.... thank you

murray easton

i use Ab PLC'S for all my machine control and find them the best i have ever used - mainly because of the superb RSlogix programming software .without doubt it is the most user friendly and powerful software i have used. this software is windows based and is VERY easy to use!!!AB have a range of small PLC'S-from cheap and relatively powerful fixed IO units to the expandable and very powerful micrologix 1500 which all can be networked using either dh485 or devicenet and the appropriate interfaces.The next family of PLC'S is the SLC family-more expensive and as such more expandable and also as the processors increase so does their networking options.

Bill Simpson

If your interested in getting a feel for RSLogix, I have a beta download of a RSLogix simulator I'm working on (LogixPro) which you can download for free at ( It doesn't simulate all the aspects of a PLC, but it's pretty darn close to RSLogix as far as the editor and programming goes. Comes with a procress simulations package which really adds a bit of challenge for the new programmer.

The "PLC Programming Command Guide" web site is a great spot to get the details on RSLogix instructions etc.. The link is at my site or you can use: (