Allen Bradley PLC2/30 and 2/15 spares


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Can anyone help with sourcing a reliable supplier of Allen Bradley PLC 2/30 and 2/15 spares in particular the processor and comms cards. Not too worried about them coming directly from Rockwell but maybe from a "good home with single owner."
eBay. You won't necessarily find what you're looking for every day of the week but, sooner or later it'll show up.

Register with eBay and set up your account to automatically notify you of auctions with certain 'keyword' criteria. IIRC, the easy way to do this is to search for "PLC-2/30" or similar, then a box appears which asks if you want to be notified when new instances appear. They'll send you an email and you won't have to constantly check back.

Bob Peterson

There is a lot of PLC2 stuff that comes up from time to time on eBay. Mostly removed from equipment.

Bob Peterson

Jeremy Pollard

I have access to 3 PLC 2/30's complete. What do you need.

Also have a 'bunch' of Mini PLC 2's
They were operating and were replaced with PLC5's and the mini as well.

Let me know what we can do.

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