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I am trying to connect my laptop using a 1784-pcmk card to a PLC2/05. I am using A.I. software for PLC2. I can't seem to get the laptop to communicate with the processor. I'm using win98 and have loaded the pc card drivers. Has anyone else had any luck with this old equipment?
Hello ,
Make sure you are using the right cable model -1784-PCM2/B. Open AI-PLC 2 Software and under ''configure program parameters '' select
comms hardware to set PLC 2 front port configuration interface hardware to 1784-pcmk.
You also need to set the slot that the pcmk card is .
Note that this is a dos program.So it sees the slot differently from say Rslinx. In my case, Rslinx sees the card in slot 1 while AI-PLC2 is in slot 0.
Once this is set, you need to escape from configuration screen to main screen and select Up/Download program to PLC 2 and chose FRONT PORT COMMS. It should be possible to communicate.
Are you patching together this comm hardware and
software because you don't have an RS232 port on a NEW laptop? Just USB?

See for USB/Serial dongles. Im
using Belkin product to ch0. has a knowledgebase. Do a search there.
A couple of hours at ab/rockwell (sign up for login rights) and you shd be OK. Download recent RSLinx Lite to test comm abilities. Grab a PC/Ch0 cable from

But, report back here and tell the rest of us
how it's going.

ive only ever got it to work in a true dos 6.2 enviroment not in a wins98 shell, had to partition hd and make it a dual boot system