Allen-Bradley PLC540E/80E RSLogix5 Class Login

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Grayg Ralphsnyder

I am using Allen-Bradley PLC5/40E and 80E processors on a 10BT network. I am using the RSLogix-5 programming software on a Windows-95 machine.

I have implemented the CLASS LOGIN security function. Several weeks after doing so when attempting to login at a particular class, the software returns an 'Incorrect Authorization Password' message. The only way out of this is to plug into channel-0 and change the login settings or you can cycle the processor power and for a short while it will allow you to login
via the ethernet.

Allen-Bradley does not have a solution to this problem. They do have other users with identical symptoms and problems. The problem seems to be
independent of processor revision levels, software revision level, etc.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated !

Grayg Ralphsnyder
I have noticed that problem too. I do know that class login passwords are CaSe SeNsItiVe So watch out for Cap Lock.