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Franz Froschauer

I am working now since almost 3 years with Allen Bradley PLC 5, but I never had used the SFC seriel function programming, I always worked with ladder diagrams.

On my last project I thought that the use of SFC could be more efficent, but I did not use it because I had no good manuals or any sample.

A couple a years ago I was working with Siemens S5 with Graph 5 which is similar to the SFC, and I also want to have the same comfort programming
system with Allen Bradly

Who hase experience in using Allen Bradley PLC 5 including SFC?

Who could give me a already functionable PLC 5 programm with SFC for learning?

Who can give some advise for manuals to studying?

I`am sorry for my poor english if you can answer in German it would be fine, but not necesary.

Franz Froschauer
The SFC implementation on the 'new platform' PLC5's (/20,/30,/40,/60,/80) and SoftLogix5 is very good but on the 'classic' PLC5's (/10,/12,/15,/25) it is next to useless. It is pretty much a waste of time on the 5/250 as well.

When the application suits, SFC's are a great tool.

The manuals that used to come with 6200 software had substantial sections on SFC. I don't recommend using 6200 for programming SFC's though - too slow & clunky. RSLogix5 handles them very well. The old Icom products didn't fully
support them.

Roll on V11 of RSLogix 5000 so we can use SFC's on ControlLogix!
I'm glad SFCs have improved. They used to be a major pain but maybe I was fitting a square peg in a round hole. The literature made them look like the answer to everybody's prayers but they were hopeless. I'll revisit them now.