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Ashok Agarwal

I have two PC located in 2 differnt parts of the room. I also have RS-Logix 500 loaded on both the PCs. How can I use DH485 in a Multi-drop fashion in order to VIEW ladder files from both the PCs?
You can do this with 1747-AIC cards. You will need two of them for sure. One for the SLC to plug into and one of your computers, the other will be for the other computer. The only catch is getting the computers onto the network. You can do it with either KF2 boxes, or a 1747-PIC. Either of them interface into a DH network. The only thing is atleast with Ethernet SLCs (5/05s) two computers can't be monitoring ladder logic at once. RSLinx kicks one computer out (from my experience). Allen-Bradley's website as lots of info on setting up a DH network plus the manuals for everything I listed.

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Jeremy Pollard

You need to buy 2 AIC + modules to interface the 2 PLC's. Computer can attach using a serial port to one odf them. If not feasible due to location then 1 3rd AIC would be needed for the computer. Make sure the addresses of the PLC's are different

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