Allen_Bradley PLC5-80 and Profibus


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Paul Metzger

Could someone please send me a brief report as to what issues cause problems during your PROFIBUS /PLC5 start-up. I also need to know how reliable the system has been in the past. We are considering a large scale installation in our St. Louis Brewery and I am looking for some history. Please key in on good verses bad as you have it today. I will need this information by this weekend if possible.

Thank You very much.

Paul Metzger
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Daniel Chartier

we have used the SST Profibus adapters both for PLC-5 and for SLC from A-B; their configuration package was quite good for setting the network parameters. The only thing to watch out for was the mapping of data from the Profibus slaves to the A-B master (the A-B programmers needed to get used to the format, it seems).

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
When a piece of floating point data comes back in to the PLC you can only map it in to two integers. You will find that the low byte and high byte of the floating point have been reversed and have to be flipped before copying the two integers in to a floating point address.

If you are sending data out you will have to do the reverse.