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Kumar Swamy

Dear all
I wish if any one can guide me in setting up RB module (Flexible interface module-cat:2760-RB) of Allen Bradley of PLC5 series. The manual is quite unclear for us to start communicating with it immediately. We are not sure if the module is to
be programmed/configured only through a Terminal of AB series or through a PC. If we could get a step by step approach for setting up this module to communicate with a PC, it will be very easy for us. We have to use this module for a project and we cannot choose any other newer modules such as basic module.


Bob Desrochers

The RB module can be configured with any typical pc using a com port connected to the configuration port. Cross Talk, Procomm or Hyperterminal can be used for this task. If you would more details you can contact me directly.

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Pascal Poirier

Hi Kumar,

We have just installed an 2760-RB with DF1/ASCII protocole cardtridge on a PLC-5/40 system. You can use hyperterminal (or any terminal, I think...) provided with Window$ to connect to Config port and setup the card. Make sure you have
good settings on your terminal (baud rate, parity, stop bits...). Using the 2760-RB is a piece of cake... after several hours spent debugging! ;-)

If you have more questions, you can e-mail me directly.

Pascal Poirier, ing. stag.
Cascades East-Angus inc.
[email protected]

Michael E. Klothe

Everything you need to know is set forth in Allen-Bradley's "User Manual" for the 2760-RB.
This is Catalog No. 2760-ND001 Series A

This manual can readily be purchased from your nearest friendly neigborhood Allen-Bradley distributor. IIRC it's about $15-USD. (This manual is =not= available from Allen-Bradley's on-line documentation source -- AFAIK).

To answer your question in brief -- the 2760-RB is a very versatile device, ergo it must be set up by 1) -- Setting its internal DIP switches, then 2) --Setting parameters on-screen with a data terminal.

The 2760-RB does not know or care what kind of data terminal is used to set it up.

You may use a generic dumb terminal, or a computer running terminal emulation software, or one of the Allen-Bradley industrial-strength terminals such as a 1770-T3 or T4, all at your
option and discretion.


Michael E. Klothe
Detroit, USA

Jeffrey W. Eggenberger

You should be able to communicate using hyperterm, or any of the old terminal emulators out there from your pc. I know one of the tech's uses Mustang Software's terminal emulator, I forget the name. He likes the setup better than hyperterm.

Jeffrey W. Eggenberger
Electrician: Industrial, Commercial, and Residential
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