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I need to find an inexpensive alphanumeric paging software to recognize alarm bits going high in an HMI system. All it has to do is send different messages depending on what bit goes high. Any similar applications out there?

Raymond van der Tas

You might try ICONICS AlarmWorX MMX. It's a multimedia software component that "listens" to the alarms coming from your OPC Alarm&Event Servers. AlarmWorX MMX notifies alarm through 10 different multimedia agents (e.g. aplha numeric pagers, marquee windows, phone, video, fax, email, text-to-speech, ..) The format of the alarm message is user configurable. In case your existing SCADA is not yet compliant to the OPC Standards, you can also add the ICONICS Alarm Server to be the link between your OPC Data Access Server and ALarmWorX MMX. For details please refer to Best regards, Raymond van der Tas