Alstom AVR Cards


I am looking for spare parts for an Alstom "GENEREC" AVR. If you know where I might find any of the cards listed below please let me know.

Kind regards,
Bill Welford.
Email: [email protected]

Card name & Part numbers are:

PQ: L54E1427AG00;
RVE: L54E1409AG00;
I.EX: L54E 1408AG00;
UST 1: L54E1420AG00;
LUF 1: L54E140AY00;
CONS 1: L54E1429AG00;
PONT 1: ?;
PONT 2: ?;
ISO.COM: L54E1411AG00;
A115: L54E1432AG00;
MTA-1: L54E1015AL00;
MCA-1: L54E1002AL00;
AL1: L54E1438AG00;
TAC.2: L54E1091AL00 or L54E1030AL00 (TACA.2?);
TAA-1: L54E1025AL00;
IE: L54E1425AG00;
BU: L54E1419AG00;
GI: L54E2300AH00;
AS-EX: ? ;
RPH-1: L54E1045AL00.