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Bill McReynolds

I have been using Mitsubishi FX PLC's for a number of years and am looking for an alternative. I am looking for a low cost small I/O PLC that has a thermocouple analog input module, high speed counter and pulse output for stepper control (5-10 khz). I would also like to network these systems over ethernet. So far I have looked at Omron CPM2A which I like from a hardware point of view, but the programing seems clumsy.

I am also looking at Aromat FP0's. They seem to do everything that I want and the programing (math, high speed counters, etc.) looks more straight forward. However, I am not as familiar with the brand.

Can anyone give me some feed back on Aromat or suggest some other alternatives?


Bill McReynolds

I highly recommend the Aromat FP0. We have standardized on their PLC's and have not had any problems. It is easy to use, low cost, and full featured. The pulse output for stepper control is real nice. It's so nice, we've actually used it to control digital servos. It makes for a real nice low cost controller. I'm not sure they have ethernet in the FP0 though. I know that their new FP2 product has it and it works real well.

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Try S7 micro. I have just started using them, after using Mitsi for a number of years, and the software is so much better.
You could check they have I/O system that could be what your looking for. They have a base module with ethernet that you then build up necessary I/O from by putting on small modules
Look at PLC Direct also. By the names you have mentioned, you are looking
at low cost solutions. PLC Direct, AKA Automation Direct, is very good at
low cost and powerful PLC's. They offer all of the features that you
mentioned. They also have excellent tech support, at least last time that
I had used one.

Bill Sturm
Why would you want to reinvent the wheel if the wheel still rolls? If you
are using FX controllers now you are using ancient technology switch to a
FX1N processor. You should have around three times the processor you have
know and you programs are upgradable to this new processor.

Good luck