Altivar 45 2 Variable Speed Drive


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I have 2 ATV 45 2 drives for hoisting billets in a steel plant. My problem is that somebody swapped around the CPU and power boards on the 2 drives (one for each of 2 hoist motors). He doesn't know what he did but now the drive does not 'see' the preset references. i.e LI1 and LI2 have signals but the corresponding frequency (FRH) does not appear on the LCD when you change LI1 and LI2). I do not have a programmer to check if these presets still exist. What could have happened? My address is [email protected] it possible to erase these presets using the LCD and the 3 buttons only without a programmer?
yes give dowding and mills electronics a call on 01925 831318 and ask for simon we repair these inverters and may have some info or we can advise you